Español para Grupos en Almuñécar, Andalucía España

Comentarios sobre las estancias lingüísticas

We were delighted to discover TCL for our annual language course in Spain for pupils preparing for their GCSE Spanish examinations. The location was perfect for our 5-day trip in October and all pupils were accommodated in families within five or ten minutes' walk from the language school, which itself is located in the heart of the town centre, two minutes' walk from shops, cafés and the beach. Almuñécar is compact and feels very safe, allowing pupils suitable freedom to explore things for themselves after classes during the day - practise their Spanish in local shops, for example, or spend time relaxing on the beach, swimming and playing football - but without the fear of getting lost or disorientated. The town is also ideally positioned for day trips to places of cultural and historical interest - such as Granada and Córdoba - and TCL were happy to organise these for us in advance of our arrival.
The school is extremely well organised and equipped with all the usual facilities; the members of staff - from the Director down to the teachers - were thoroughly professional, engaging and flexible at all times: the appointed Director of Studies responded promptly and efficiently by email to our requests regarding our preferred course content in advance of our arrival and was more than happy to make any necessary adjustments to the programme of classes during the week, once the pupils had settled in.
In short, we found Almuñécar to be a real gem in the heart of Andalucía: compact, safe and ideally positioned for recreational and cultural opportunities alike; TCL as a language school was equally what we were looking for: thoroughly professional and experienced, not only in terms of the provision of language classes but also - perhaps as important - in the allocation of families, all of whom went out of their way to provide what one of our pupils described as a "second home". I was delighted with the experience overall and would happily recommend both Almuñécar and TCL without any reservations whatsoever.

John Witney,
Head of Spanish.
Westminster School, London, UK.


Mi estancia en Almuñécar el año pasado fue una experiencia inolvidable así que he decidido regresar este verano con un grupo de alumnos para que se preparen para su examen final de bachillerato.

Angelika Foitzik

Fachberaterin Spanisch RP Tübingen
Justus von Liebig Schule


In 2009 heb ik een cursus van 3 maanden gevolgd bij TC Languages in Almuñecar, dat was geweldig! 
Toen ik aankwam sprak ik geen woord Spaans en ik ging weg met niveau B1. Mijn vriendin en ik woonde in die tijd in Motril waar zij werkte.
Het zuid Spaanse leven aan de Costa Tropical is zeer bijzonder. Door het weer, de mensen, het eten en de mentaliteit was dit een tijd om nooit meer te vergeten.
In de toekomst wil ik zaken gaan doen met Spanje. Daarom heb ik nu elke 2 weken les via de webcam met mijn lerares. Dit bevalt prima! 
Want eenmaal in Nederland zakt het Spaans weg en dat is jammer, deze mogelijkheid is ideaal. Iedere les waan ik me weer even in de Costa Tropical en mijn niveau gaat nog omhoog ook!